A life Unheard

A life, unheard, years in tow.

An anchor for her soul.

A welcome weight to hold her down to comfort and protect.

Free, but for freedom she was not looking.

Tears, the remnant of many years,

A thousand days of life together

A thousand days of TWO remembered

She now one in sorrow lies.

Tears, falling like summer rain.

Cooling her burning heart that in sorrow

Resonates the emptiness,

That once he filled with out regret

a father, son, lover, friend,

a man that served until the end.

That chose to die

But lived in love,

That left this world the way he’d come;

Full of joy, a smile’s canvas.

His face a picture of his happiness.

Tears falling like memories from her mind’s eye

Each tear a story of time gone by.

He lives in her, his love recalled

She lives for him, to make him proud.


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