I was wondering a wandering. I am searching for meaning. I am life, I am youth, I am exasperating.

I am energy I am everyone. I am everything in one, I see I hear I know what you know but I know we do not know anything.

I am walking desperate in the desert wilderness, cactus-standing life like in the sun. I am a cactus standing in the world.

I am a piece of you and you of me but we are so far a part I see

a world of a thousands ideas separated by one.

I am leaning leaving everyday receding farther into my mind. I am leaving I am cleaving to the breast of my past.

I do not want to give up I want to understand. I want to stand I want to stand. I want to be like the empty-headed man

I want not to think to see what I see to believe what has so little reason.. I want to share but I want to run.

I am wondering a wandering slowly through earth

a rumble like a quake. My life like earth shakes everyday a million ways

We disturb the truth and bury it with lies

We are a terrible virus fighting against our own extinction.

We are all the same without distinction.

I stand on the precipice like Orpheus contemplating my ignorance, contemplating my curiosity

Like lot’s wife, I deserve my consequence

I accept it all… let my foolishness be salt.

Let my foolishness preserve.


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