So many names

So many names that sing a verse of me,

So many faces in my diary.

They are the fleeting memories of all that once was love in me.

Mandy, she was so much more to me

Then she could be,

Then ever intended.

This was love for free

With unexpected tendencies

We lay together in the Sun.


So many voices singing in the choir of this symphony

A song we sing to please our love to earn their praise

But why, oh why can’t we that sing feel just as worthy

To be loved as you who receive, all the love that we do sing?

I scream a song! My heart it bleeds, a love a life a thousand days.

These are the pages that define me!


To you and me, that has not had a chance to be anything more then a dream.

Will this ever succeed?

Will I let this pass?

Will it be strong enough to last?

A verse, a kiss, a triumphant entry





I’m afraid that I will break

That which alleviates all the pressure of this manic life.

I want so bad to be near you, to sit and be….


Your skin, your eyes, your lips, your toes

I want to know! Every last inch of you.

My heart it pounds in anticipation

That one day you might accept my invitation

To love me, to love me,

just love me!


This a song I sing to her that sits in the audience.

You, my comp, you my dream

You who waits so patiently

A cloud that floats so heavenly.

Full of all that I desire, I admire

From the ground

Climbing mountains once to tall

To be that much closer to you.

I want to know you!

I want to hold you.

So long I’ve strived

So much anguish

This a dream just for you to hear this.

I will wait for you.

*                               *                             *


And time does pass with much deliberation

So much thought and contemplation.

The longer days they do penetrate

Like daggers they do infiltrate, all the armor I have put

Upon my chest.

Your love a hidden poison seeps

Into my veins like honey sweet,

But seeking to destroy it must, for love it can not be,

It is not my destiny.

I love and live alone in apathy,

Scribbling empty verses for all to hear me sing.



My sorrow through my eyes do leak

Cleansing all that once was weak.

I will not let my heart be hurt.

I can not let myself ….fall too deep…….


Yet still the hope of love, it emanates

Just one chance to recreate

Just once, think and consecrate

The memories we made.

There must not be an end to this

This dance we find our lives with in

We have to fight for every step

Don’t’ let our time be left,

To whither in the arid air of death.

We must not give up on our chance

To be more then we should have been.


34 thoughts on “So many names”

  1. “So many names that sing a verse of me,

    So many faces in my diary”
    Song of Yourself? 😉 I think poets are all schizophrenic. Not mentally, but spiritually. We see what IS lived, but we also see what SHOULD BE lived. Writng is what keeps us sane.
    Write on Amigo!

  2. Hi, thanks for taking a look at my stuff. I read the poem, song–the words sounded smooth had a groove, but at times emotions described by wonderful words confused me. They collided, or meant down right opposite of eachother. I imagine that this person loved, grieved, laughed, and hung on concurrently. Very well executed. Will read again. Like a lot.

  3. very nice… I can totally understand how it started as a song in yur head. thank you for liking my poetry n giving me a chance to discover this

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