It is more difficult to look at you then it is the sun, your beauty is so much brighter, it burns through my eyes, into my memories and daydreams, until you become a part of who I am in every moment you never were, your beauty strings through my being.

My heart pounds like a thousand armor clad stallions, marching across arid lands, adventure and glory on their minds, in search of that elusive honor, that crowning achievement the heroes’ victory, in search of that which we all wish would find us with out looking and hurting. My heart pounding, wishing, hoping…

I shiver in anticipation of touching your hand, raised skin like volcanic islands bursting forth from the sea, my goose pimpled anxiety, my liver shaking insanity.

My mind goes blank in the agony of your presence; your proximity is deafening, an air raid, silence in the peace of fear, silence knowing you are near.

What day will my flesh stop screaming for but a momentary brush against your hair?

My cheeks wish to know yours, smooth, precious; sliding by, my cheeks knowing yours like companions in the night, lovers of each other’s life, my cheeks touching yours.  Two pillows of billows of air, soft marshmallow clouds passing gentle in the day, my cheeks wish to know yours. To be close enough to whisper in your ears to feel the slightest tick in your cheek against my rough skin, my cheeks wish to know yours.

My face near yours

Your breath in my nose, a little bit of you now a piece of me, a gentle peace in me once a peace in you.

Your lips like velvet dreams, a comfort on my mind, your gentle kiss melts my soul. Your lips numb my pain and help me to let go, your lips like keys free me, passion leaking from me, my lips slowing dancing, with your delicate, satin, lips.

Your eyes like a well, deep enchanting, reflections of your hearts desire, love mirrored in their crystal purity, refractions of your inner beauty; penetrating and enlightening, innocent and yearning, alluring and enticing, sustenance for the strongest soul.

You are A fragrance like new spring, flowers in the field of green, growing stems a perennial beauty, a promise of a scented dream, a fragrance of the newest spring, a department store bottled chemistry.

A fresh beginning, a rainbow kaleidoscope melting in the sky of my mind, a new dawn in the landscape of my dreams, an unreality, a hope

Patience is the mantra we speak, but my heart is weak. My eyes lie on you in every moment that we pass, your skin a magnet for my love, when will this ever time come to pass?  Every moment that we are apart my heart swings out of orbit, your presence like gravity sets things right. I long to place you in the middle of my galaxy, be my sun, for you shine brighter emanating all that is right in my heart.


8 thoughts on “Sun”

      1. No really I’m not. You are a gifted writer. So glad to find gifted writers, tell me you have been published, for if you’re not, the rest of us have no hope.

      2. lol…summer is my goal too. I’ve not tried as an adult either. May we both find a layered success this way then.

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