What do you think?

To:  My heart…it’s slow…I’m breathing hard.

My body languidly lounges like a leopard.

To: They, who know my thoughts. As if these primitive instincts, desires, dreams were once occupants

inside their minds. Some how I know their thoughts as if I understand human nature.

To: Fear but love, understanding, misunderstanding, contradiction in education, acceptance,

misperception and brilliance. Fear but love. They are me but mostly me is they. They are squeezed oranges in

the garbage, rotting, left weeping bitter juice of disappointment. I am seed, chance, growing, awaiting my sprout,


Enjoy your lonely youth!

Two: Alike, painted from the same palate on separate canvas. Destiny seeks difference in soul. A path on

the right, this one heals and plays kinky memories like records on the wrong speed. A path on

the left, this one is lost frozen in a desert, son, Crying the last fresh drop of life from his heart,

plant that seed and nurture me! Painted by they, many colors we leak. Destiny guides in riddles.

Two: Birds standing vigil overhead while the other teaches how to lay dead. “STOP!” Rang through my

head but blinded by lust went on instead. Nappy hair, dirty legs, wisdom moves like the oceans

ebb. I can relate…black as dirt, clear as light, onward I do fight.

To: The sad man, bumbling glad, fat, fat man. Who gained weight in years of pain, disgust dismay,

disarray. He understands that this is not what you think. This is not what you think! This is so

much more! This is not funny! This is more then you think…. What do you think?


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