What be the acts you commit a thousand miles from me?

You my constant companion in this masquerade.

What face do you choose to show?

What personality shall shine?

I miss our games

but solitude can also be divine.


A slave to my own perceptions I strive for perfection!

My heart balloons with anxiety, attempting to meet the vision my eyes are pumping

My fingers scamper sand script secrets like a scorpion across hot sand

While trying to mimic the thoughts I have into words,

It’s never even close!

Where be you now my white peddled princess

My muffler girl?

You who inhale but stay pure?

What tricks do you pull in my absence?

What idols do you pray to in my honor?

Do you recognize my existence outside of what I am


am I more




Where were you when I did my day today?

Where were you in second grade

my second grade?

I want to know the thoughts that spawned my love

What thoughts in your parents’ minds came to make thee?

What cosmic comedy made you my key?


How many times can I think of you and keep it fresh?

this innocence….


12 thoughts on “Key”

  1. Okay…well now that just sunk every womans heart across the planet…so amazing. Seriously, my heart is hurting from reading this, such a good read.

      1. lol…this was a love hurt, it its gonna hurt, really, is there a better hurt? I don’t think so:)

      1. I have a lover, thousands of miles away. I know this is what he wonders. Many of your poems actually, I can relate to or associate with, very specifically. And coincidentally, the last poem I posted is called “This Key.” The thought actually crossed my mind that you were him and I hadn’t known.

        And your blog name; a double entendre?

      2. the name is just a joke.. It came to me one day out of the blue and I decided to change my name on Facebook so when I created my blog I figured I would keep it because I like it now.. it has become a nickname… but the irony is not lost on me … and who know.. maybe I am your lover but we just have not met yet….lol

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