Let’s be vague together.

Let’s dance around conclusions and amble away from assumptions.

Let’s fumble along the day with out expectations

Without pressure or presumptions.

Let’s defy convention with true unadulterated affection.

I want to wander on the wind and accept any direction

With just you by my side.

Let’s glide like birds wafting through the sky.

You a cloud floating lazily by.

Let’s avoid the worlds occupation of our souls.

Let’s leave behind the romantic fiction of the corporations.

Let’s, just be!

 Let’s just be some where

Close to no where but some where in between.

two people being whatever the hell we want to be.


22 thoughts on “Vague”

  1. I, you , i , you ok ok ok …. you stole those words didn’t you! you were in my mind three months ago when i had these thoughts and you said to yourself, “hmmm, these are good thoughts and i can make ’em better so ima just pick em up and walk out like i was never here….” oooooh great job!!

    1. well, actually I wrote this about 6 to 8 months ago.. I have a thousand poems sitting around I just never had the guts to try to publish or share them… I am overwhelmed with the response from everyone… and no I never steal words.. but I do steal emotions and desires… we must be kindred spirits for sure! lol

      1. my dear mr jones, I think we may all suffer the same desease…we are all strange together. few of us are bold enough to say (write) what we’re all thinking. Loved the poem. it’s a good sign when you wish you wrote it

      1. You’re welcome! I’m surprised no one has commented on that sooner. I love the “-tion” words at the end of lines, as well as the repetition of beginnings. Gives it a good rhythm 🙂

  2. Oh I enjoyed this so much – I read it 3 times already. To be able to be just in the moment – putting aside expectations – what you’ve imposed upon yourself as well as those imposed by the external world. I love the way it builds at the end with strong language proclaiming ‘why can’t we be whatever the hell we want to be”. And earlier you said “defy convention” so it seems that there’s a particular obstacle to moving ahead freely. I really like your poetry; it is quite accesible – simple but not without great depth and emotion. Thank you!

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