To Whom May not exist

Longing, confusion, desperation… confusion!

Drowning, Loving, Believing, bewildered… misunderstood!

Silence, anger, lust, longing! …confusion.

Tired, my eyes

Sleep, my heart

Beats, in my head

I think, I believe

In What?

I can’t see

what she sees

is not all me.

Light up my soul, my flame

burn me forever, burn away my shame

comfort me and I will cherish you

kiss me and I will bleed for you

love me and I will die for you

Shaking, convulsing, sweating, suffocating!… speechless…

deformed, unworthy of the brilliance that emanates within her

I can see her

but she can not see me.

I feel her but she,

she feels her,

she feels her own pain.

I try, I beg, I pray that someday

I may.

emerge from the blackness,

the magician, a sorcerer that can heal her hurt

and through her I will be resurrected a new

a new, simple, honest, man.



21 thoughts on “To Whom May not exist”

  1. I love this – but why not? – Your words jump off the page and right into my heart of hearts – great talent there Mr. Jones! You’ve captured the essence of how 2 people can love each other but be caught up in a world that is hell bent on keeping them apart – for whatever reasons..

  2. Sakes…you are a heart breaker…every time I read your work my heart breaks into about fifty million pieces. Great stuff Mr. Jones. Hope the heart ache ends.

      1. That’s how I let mine escape, so it doesn’t eat me alive. It’s not going away though. How long does this take? (that’s a rhetorical question. I’m imagining you have about as many answers as I).

  3. Always deeply moved to my core~ We certainly don’t have to see what is known by other senses that have their language ~ Thank you dear friend ~Deborah

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