I sit in my opulent apartment, cubicle, cage;

like a beast

like a fiend

like 1% of the top end of nothing.

I Judge the world through my brilliance

bringing peace to the world through my apathy.

I curse ignorance through my colored box

my day dream maker,

my thousand pixel reality enhancer.

 I am the average man

I am every man;

too tired to give a shit

too mad not to care.

I am a voice not heard

I scream from a distance.

I cry for my rights

I cry for assistance.

I waste away my potential 

I am indulgence.

surrounded by opinions

I am resistance.

I am a million ideas

I am conviction!

I am defeated…. 

…..What a civilized monster I’ve become……


12 thoughts on “Monster”

  1. seeing you amongst the likes has brought me back to read more of your work…and i who is so self-importantly busy!

    This is a great bit of writing…makes me want to take the lines and squeeze moie out of them

  2. Monsterman (a response…first draft…will post my final draft over at silver poetry)

    I sit in my opulent apartment, cubicle, cage; mind box
    like a beast- feathers and claws
    like a fiend- inner scratching like molten rock
    like 1% of the top end of nothing. The sun, the apex moment, temporary
    I Judge the world through my brilliance- blind to my heaven, words hit the dark wall erected by a king
    bringing peace to the world through my apathy. – I close my eyes to the words that spring from my hurt place and sing tunelessly for the crowd
    I curse ignorance through my colored box – I know my soul drags itself out from under the pot of gold to weave an exit
    my day dream maker, – or dream catcher and in it my diamond thought hangs
    my thousand pixel reality enhancer.- my button…pushed brings high…
    I am the average man- my skin stretches
    I am every man- my ladder unravels
    too tired to give a shit- find your own way pilgrim…my hand is turned over palm to the earth
    too mad not to care- sparks and flashes, force a rain of little pebbles
    I am a voice not heard- that seem to fall on the ocean…if only the whale hears my prayer, do I still exist?
    I scream from a distance- my words hit the king who pockets them and prepares to return them to me…
    I cry for my rights- tears travel the contours of my shirt looking for purchase but finding none
    I cry for assistance. – my fingers reach for the sky and moonlight sits on their tips like knives, sharp and beautiful
    I waste away my potential – am I a wasted thing or does my strand lighten the web that is all or nothing
    I am indulgence. – is that all I need or do I want more? I want more the floss on my tongue melts and the fairy disappears
    surrounded by opinions- amongst self-righteous baby noise or lost in the dancing light of bla bla land
    I am resistance.- my shell is tough but not indomitable
    I am a million ideas- I am one of many that hold the 7 billionth answer
    I am conviction! My conviction cripples me
    I am defeated…. In my defeat I find my wings
    What a civilized monster I’ve become – an opulent monster, misunderstood and fearsome in my red riding hood
    i shrug it off

    1. interesting… I like what you tried with it… but obviously not quite knowing what I had intended it does not feel the same I like simplicity, too many words cover the meaning in my opinion… but the additions were intriguing

  3. the sense of lonelinesss in opulence is really well captured in this poem. The lines are so direct and self explanatory but still makes you wonder what else the narrator is hiding.

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