I have been in the wrong for so long 

I have forgotten the difference between right and left.

I have forgotten how to tell the difference between this way and that

from here and there

to anywhere…


I have been wrong for so long

I don’t know how to tell time

to go away.

is to be lost

such a bad thing?

in the see

I swim like an awkward octopus.  

I am under

feeling heavy

lost some weight 

my heart aches

I lost the way

along the way

and now I lose myself everyday

like loose change. 

I face myself 

like a coward

yellow in the skin, jaundice

biting at my heels,

lacking nutrients I’ll never heal. 

we left behind the reason in the age of innocence 

the age of youth…

we waste away our lives like words drifting in the wind

words forming like rime sounding alive.. melting in the seasons 

without reasons.. I am looking all the time.

this is all wrong!

But it feels so right!


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