Like Ginsberg I “Howl!”

AH! I yearn for the open road, rolling green pastures that form lush mother’s breasts.

I need new faces. I can’t handle the same day twice. I need new experiences. I need new life.

someone breath into my lungs before they collapse. 

Someone pump my heart before it quits.


my body moans, the repetition of time is crushing my spine.

My mind needs new thoughts before it decides to end its self.


Voices and songs ring through my head!

I need to expand, realize.

I need to learn new cultures new rhymes.


I need new words to fill the pages of my life.

I need new faces to bring morning back into my life.

I am going backwards, I am receding. I don’t want to retreat!

Push forward like Patton! 

Keep fighting, keep attacking, stay on the offensive,



I want to capture all the meaning and all the reason

All the love and all the feelings!

I need to face God and be able to say with a straight face,

I gave it all I had and got something from it.

I want to prove to God I loved this life!

That I bled for this life!

That I died to live a life, extraordinary. 


15 thoughts on “Yearning”

      1. each of us is a world unto ourselves….we have our unique experiences that make us who we are…but we’re all capable of feelings that are similar that we recognize them in another

  1. I’ve been feeling this way a lot lately, so I’m glad you posted this. I love the positivity and the encouragement to strive forward–good work!

    Thanks for dropping by my blog! 🙂

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