Frosted Melancholy

Frosted melancholy decaying with the melting snow.

Dark clouds wade over head 

in the bitterness 

in the cold. 

You’re lost in the mechanical wilderness cleaning up the fortunate man’s waste.

Lay claim to your frustrations Valiant Knight, Oh, winter nomad 

and collect those halfhearted left over dreams

and pocket them as your own

and LAY claim to your frustrations

my wounded lover of the cold.

For you are freezing

and freezing all alone. 



15 thoughts on “Frosted Melancholy”

    1. only to my friends.. until my cousin convinced me to make a blog I have pretty much kept my poetry in my journals in my closets…lol I don’t know how to even convince people to let me read some where.

      1. well thank you very much and I know the feeling, I have hard time reading poetry that isn’t mine… a bit narcissistic of me but oh well…. I just don’t have the patience..

  1. Hello, I stopped by earlier and tried to leave a comment but it wouldn’t seem to take. So I’m back again to tell you: Thanks for liking my blog post. I’m really surprised at how much traffic I’m getting (not being at all familiar with the WordPress community) and it really made my day.

    Also, I think your poetry is lovely and this one especially resonated with me. I shall be following your blog so as not to miss anything. Thank you again.

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