Everything, is only what you make it.

Nothing, is ever more then what it is.

               The value of one, is perception.

               The purpose of two, is to be one.

The combination of two parts,

is completion

and the sum of two hearts

is infinite.



is a step above anything. 


is a step below something.

         Today was a prospect of yesterday

          Tomorrow is a wasted today.

and yesterday is a fading farewell 

to life that is passing away.


77 thoughts on “Everything”

  1. your poem is beautiful and reminds us to remain present in our lives, enjoy, participate, and be grateful. Persective is everything, thank you for sharing your work, and inspiring us!

  2. I like the structure of your poem, the pairs fit nicely in a rhythmic pattern and still flows together nicely. One that I will read often for sure =) – Take care, Que

  3. I usually do not get as in to poetry as other forms of writing, but this really kept my attention. Very well done… interested in what else you have in here.

  4. Did you find this written in water? It flows, and is so full of answers and possibilities. The ending is bittersweet, but still this makes me smile! Thank you. ~ Lily

      1. not really
        i am two. now.
        emotional eve vs karate kate
        internal war
        external fallout
        rhythmically non-functionally
        functionality com…comp…promised myself
        to get a hold of that
        ethereal bitch bitches about
        need a wall to
        hide behind a smart ass attitude
        scared of what might find me
        behind that wall

  5. Hey Ineff,
    I have a writing group with poets and stuff. One of our members says poetry should rhyme or it’s not poetry, and we told him that that was very eighteenth century of him… but recently I was talking to another fellow who pointed out that all Whitman’s Wild Children (see Neeli Cherkvski) are old or dead and nobody seems to be coming after. What has happened to the poets?

    1. We (Americans) have had a lack of voice in general over the last couple of decades… Why be a poet when you could be a rapper, why write for passion when you could write for money … what is the driving force of our society? Sleep well Paul, I am a poet and I write because I must or else I die. I write because I do… it’s what I am. I see what others don’t and write about it. I seek truth where others turn away… poetry is not dead.. and for hells sake it doesn’t have to rhyme!!!

      1. People hardly ever make use of the freedom they have, for example, freedom of thought; instead they demand freedom of speech as a compensation. – Soren Kierkegaard

      2. It sure feels like people don’t think anymore… but then again that is the purpose of the poet is it not? Open eyes to see what they have not before, open minds to think about what has been forgotten… Maybe it has been the poets that have been failing the world.

    1. because tomorrow doesnot exist it is a contruct that helps us understand time but it is perception – much like the value of numbers or meanings of words – also I was going for the idea that if you spend too much time planning or thinking for tomorrow you are wasting energy that could be spent on living today.. it is intended to make the reader think about now because this is where you are… 🙂

  6. Well i get you. Especially the concept of today, tomorrow and yesterdays. Also, your perception regarding two bodies combining to become whole is amazing. Super Like. Happy Blogging and Happy Writing!

  7. thank you for stoppin’ by at LightWriters, and intro’ing your blog. ‘Everything’ definitely ‘sings’! 🙂

  8. All the accolades have been expressed in the above-mentioned comments. Nothing more I could add, except, awesome in intelligent thought.
    BTW. Thank you for stopping by and liking my poem “Blessing God”.

  9. I must go an be active, either in mind or body, possibly heart. Thank you for changing nothing into something. Although, reading your work is really something worthwhile.

  10. I mean both the poem and the comment chain!
    And thank you for liking my humble poetry attempt, Mr.Jones. You have an amazing way of expressing yourself.

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