Though what may….

Though chaos may come

           I will prevail!

Though reason has lost

           I will stand proud!

Through all the madness

             all the confusion

             all the pain.

Through all the loneliness 

             and strife

             and shame.

I will fight against it all.

I will bend

I will sway

but I shall not break.

                    I am life

                    I am love

                    I am faith.

I am

and I will! 


38 thoughts on “Though what may….”

    1. thanks… it’s hard to imagine sometimes that people could like the words I write because they are just expressing what I feel.. it’s .. like people looking into my life and commenting on me without realizing it.. or something like that… I don’t know.. anyway… thank you

  1. Thank you for stopping by my blog (:
    As I can see I can really get a lot of inspirations from your blog! I really like your poems… but to be honest, the black background was almost gonna make me close the tab… Dunno, just my opinion. Don’t take it personally! [: That is what comments are for right? To tell your opinion eh?

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