another one that was passed over. I like it… not as positive as some others but I like the flow and it just sounds so good when I read it. Enjoy.. possibly again.


Lies, Lies

all misrepresented.

Between the hours

of the years 

of the shots

of the tears

you’re crying lonely in your mind

looking deep between the lines

you’re reading hard all the truth

but no one speaks it.

You’re waiting long

but no one leaves it,

no residue, no trace

nobody lives the words they say.

You’re looking for beauty

but truly,

all you see is lies…

lies… lies….

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      1. Shuruq means “daybreak” in Arabic. I try to write in a way that is the opposite of the darkness that comes from certain groups. Shuruq for me means a new beginning, a new outlook. To be in love again – but with my faith this time.

      2. Right on!! That is a great outlook. Positivity is what I try to live by.. that and balance… it is so hard sometimes.. and this poem was a cathartic outlet for me…

  1. I really like this. It’s powerful, and has a bit of rant in it. I think everyone has that period in their life when they wonder what is real, or if anything is. Some days it does all feel like lies…

  2. I always tell my children -‘You know the truth. It is the lie you have to remember’. The hearer is the one who has to discern and hope he is not lieing to himself- I like your poem. (truth or lie?)

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