I see you in the pages of what I just read

The story of my life.

I read you my friend.


Do you love me

So much that my death would mean yours?


Am  I Worthy of a footnote in reference to your heart?

Can you recall a time that your heart couldn’t lie,

That your mind would not let go,

That your soul was sublime?


I see you in my future something simple

Something perfect.

I’m sorry that I rolled up and threw away our life’s

 just to undo and redo all that we had enjoyed.

Yet I see

I see we

I see our family

Like a moving picture slide on the canvas of reality

I want us!

I want to love like in the movies.


Let us transcend normality

Lets challenge each other in patience

Let’s meld our meanings together

Let us reach the heavens

Let us walk across the ocean

And swim through the sky

Let’s amble away from the anchors

That have kept us from our heights

Lets not give up yet

There is still so much more life.


66 thoughts on “pages”

  1. oh my, this is so achingly beautiful…thankfully there are poets on this planet that paint our hearts and souls in words, so that when we die those in the future know we lived, we have lived tortuous and splendiferous lives behind the serene gorgeousness of modern lives we build for ourselves, but under it all, we’re just people. Thank you for your writing.

  2. Perhaps poetry is an art that you can find your own words written through the lines of others. I find so much of my life in those words, and think you must be going through exactly the same thing as I am. Don’t give up.

      1. ah…. yes, I wrote this a few years ago when going through a divorce…. life is tough but we soldier on… I wish I had some great all powerful words that could take away all the hurt…. but all I have is what you can read and it doesn’t cure anything

      1. I for one am very serious with my appreciation for this beautiful poetry. Last night I posted something I had just written about losing a very special friend and hoping to mend the rift. It’s on my blog here. Reading Pages made me feel, at least, that I wasn’t alone with my grieving. It tapped into the very raw hopeless feelings.

      2. Compliments can be hard, but just say thank you and know that if someone is taking the time to read your blog everyday, you mean something and it is real..

      3. lol you know I tried saying thank you but then wordpress actually told me I couldn’t it said I already said that… I was dumbfounded I didn’t realize they would be editing my comments..

      4. I didn’t know they did that either. I am new to blogging. I guess what they say about once it is out there, it will always be out there is true.

  3. Such a masterful and passionate poem of second chances asked for and a bouquet of flowers from your heart’s garden. You have reached a place of peace with this poem…and maybe it will be rewarded by the one love, whom you wish to share your completeness with! Really very nicely written with a spiritual and heartfelt flow!

  4. wow..this was really beautiful…thank you for creating this poem…please let me borrow your line
    “Am I Worthy of a footnote in reference to your heart?
    Can you recall a time that your heart couldn’t lie,”…

      1. My book is a work of fiction….LOL! Since my life does not seem real and I am referring to the book of my life….What is your book?? : D

  5. Your words are so touching and about you, I feel too, with everyday waking to follow where that breath guides me

  6. “Do you love me

    So much that my death would mean yours?”

    i love this so much. inspiring.

    keep up the amazing writing! check out my work too if you have a chance 🙂

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