an ocean mind..

 spiritual avalanche… 

                        bleeding….             bleeding… 


* * *



    Pasture thoughts.

       soul snowing.

       breathing …. breathing



16 thoughts on “Duality”

  1. Right poem at the right time. I’m dealing with this duality in spades. Having good come after hard was the right structure for me to read. Thank you.

  2. I loved loved the first one. (the second was great don’t get me wrong) The spiritual battle of serenity when in the throes of calamity at this time is tortuous. However, I’ve been taught how to reach it and sustain a better quality of life. BUT, I’m out of practice; my father has another brain tumor (he’s had 2 brain surgerys already) I’m realistic I suppose. Your poem In the midst of torture a spirital avelanche, thats no f-ing joke. Thanks.

  3. ‘soul snowing’ ahhh, living in the north, I know this analogy well. My soul snows today as well. Thank you for writing it so perfectly~R

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