Left Behind

You are Christmas

You are lies

Everything I’ve always tried to leave behind.

You’re disappointment

You’re frozen tears

 bittersweet defeat in the face of fear.

You are the failure of effort

You are the constantly conceding.

You are like the ebbing of the ocean

Pushing and receding .

You are neither here nor there but somewhere in between.

You are the righteous

and the deceived.

Trying to meet expectations you can’t ever achieve.

You’re stumbling over daydreams

Crying like a baby

Living on borrowed energy

Scribbling lines of sweet poetry.

You’re falling far below

Standards staggering,

In danger of not being what everyone needs, you’re crumbling.

You’re just another human

Future mulch for the daises

But you’re floating in the heavens

Dreaming of galaxies.

You’re a portion of a microscopic society

A spec of God’s propriety

A splinter in his backside

You are what’s left behind.

You are nothing more then anyone else

just another line snorted in the nose of the universe

And expended in the fruitless copulation of existence. 


19 thoughts on “Left Behind”

      1. Well then I’m sorry to say but I hope you have more nights of no sleep, this is brilliant!…just joking about the “no sleep” thing though

  1. Yikes! I love this poem. Yet…if as you say
    .’.A spec of God’s propriety

    A splinter in his backside’
    why not soar through the heavens through verse as you say here…is that not what we are all doing. Ahhhhh! I do love to soar like the birds. Gorgeous raw writing Sir Jones

      1. Ahhh…I will take your smile as agreement with me, since you share no words..:) I will translate as I see fit.

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