I have faith, but I lack conviction.

I wallow in my contradictions.

I am American

 And I am every sin

 no nobility within.


I stand and lean, I lean and bend

 To the left and the right I sway in the wind.

Confused because I see no wrong in your right

As long as you keep your left out of my sight.

I am a son of the Revolution

 three hundred years removed from the solution

Drowning in the twin-party political pollution

I am American!

 I am every sin

 there is no nobility within.


I am poor I am pauper I am the man on the street corner

I am praying I am proper I am the cuss word on your lip cursing power

I am fifteen percent of the bill… (ing)

I am Kurt Russel and Goldie Hawn role-playing

I am hunger

I am fire

I am a follower of habitual liars


I am lying in the fragments of promises

between possibility and resentment.

 there is no answer to the argument

no right to the fight we’re in.

we are brothers and sisters squabbling over breakfast

we are mothers and fathers bickering over refinement 

we are family with no entertainment

just our boredom and the sins we create

is there an end to our corruption

Our insatiable consumption?

How do we right our wrongs?


Is time-out enough?

Is sorry, ok?



26 thoughts on “Nobility”

  1. Let’s hope ‘sorry’ is enough…pick up and move forward..we are all contridictions…and I’m not American:/…great stuff Jones, as always.

  2. I enjoyed the poem being a child of the black power movement, i applaud you. You hit the nail on the head many times, for since the times i was young, nothing really changes, for a few it does, but the people still lack control as they accept what the media says most of the time and the fire that once brought about change is now the weapon of those who would take all we have and worked for, and we continue to fall for lies as corporate raiders ransack our lives! Radical, yes, but now for the Lord, but i and most of my family served our nation! I love our nation, but without real change society is less than caring for those who need real embracing! Times are changing now as the landscape of color changes here. But as long as most are chasing after their God (money)…there will always be the haves and have nots! Most now are afraid to lose their wealth which they cannot take with them. And those who speak out against the corruption in high places weill be vilified and even hurt, or destroyed! Only a few stood up and gave thier lives for the many! So what voice will rise up and trumpet true change…they do not listen to the creator! Will you be that voice! Who knows, for i can see some embers starting to burn! A beautiful write my friend! Always let your words come from your hearts deep wellspring!

  3. the poem… relevant and honest. our country is now as it has always been…two sides and a middle. like you, there are points both left and right that make sense and could make for real and lasting change should anyone care to meet in the middle. but the bullshit on both sides confuses the middle. I don’t think speaking of the past helps…there have been wrongs, without a doubt…but for anyone to suggest things have not changed is just proof that some wouldn’t see the change if it hit them between the eyes…some may only register change as something 180 degrees from their perception. ie) it can’t change until or unless what has happened before happens again, only to them and not us. Hogwash! Lady Day is correct, we are all contradictions. In life, in love, in politics, in general. That is not the problem. The only way to make change is to break a dollar, yes? If we all went around with dolllar bills in our pockets, meaning if we all agreed on everything, right or wrong, nothing would change. I’ll throw my 49 cents in the ring and hope i get 50 cents back in change…the middle can keep the penny…put in in the piggy bank for tomorrow. they are gonna need it.

  4. Your Rethym was melodic, I noticed you said you felt a bit unorganized but I felt that it flowed well. Changing the beat and giving emphasis to being a son of the revolution, on your lip cussing power. I feel like I can relate… But on another level as everyone’s experience is different. I’ll be following you. o.0

  5. A self deception…Above all; let us not lies to ourselves. The man who lies to himself and listens to his own lie comes to a point that he cannot distinguish the truth within him or around him, and so loses all respect for himself and for others and having no respect he ceases to love his fellows brothers and sisters…

  6. Several wks ago I read this and liked it. This time I read it out loud – this is really really good stuff!!. The words are powerful and the rhythm that develops emphasizes that. Which in turn focuses the reader on all the contradictions and inner conflicts.

  7. “lightly unorganized” you say but when you achieve beauty in disorder, than it will most certainly stand out more than parishioners in a pew. 🙂
    Great stuff.

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