disturbances in frequencies

Walls and lines disturbances in frequencies.

Laughter and cries we are sanding out contingencies.

Towing the lies of years of instability.

Two hearts colliding like atoms in their infancy.


How many ways are we turning

From the end of this eternity?   

The days roll by into years of futility

While I ponder the assurance of my sanity.


This day is a day worth saving in a diary

Mark the pages with a heart and sweet poetry

Then lock it away in the black hole of secrecy

Can’t chance chaos, or serendipity


Walls and lines disturbances in frequencies

We are wondering in exile from our own creativity

Fear is the light revealing our impurities

love can be the paint to cover our insecurities.


Two steps short of the eyes of society

In shadows, we lurch hiding from perspicacity

In the pleasure of longing we ache in unfulfilled ecstasy  

Two lovers torn by the straining tide of uncertainty… 


29 thoughts on “disturbances in frequencies”

  1. Ah Jones…Always a great write…every line here says so much, building to a fantastic ending. As usual..love it. and sakes man, pick up your pen more often!

      1. ah…well, I am not ‘single’ but am on my own with five at least a quareter of the time if not more. I write to save my soul from drowning. You are a great talnt, so thanks for taking your precious time to share with us. 🙂

      2. yes..5. 🙂 and yes, appreciate what you have right? For you never know what can happen.:) Hey…you read the Silver Poet no doubt…that poor girl, she’s got 8…lol. I’m swamped at 5, so she deserves a huge back on the back:)

      3. yes I have read silver poet…. but hold on … is that profile pic of you? you don’t look old enough to have five kids!! and I guess art is often born out of great difficulty

      4. hmm, Jones. yes this pic is from two days ago, I am mid-late 30’s, my oldest is 13. So yep. I am old enough:) And art…heals the soul right…and re-opens it I think. A most useful tool in dealing with the crap life hands you. But it helps you delve into the blessing too and appreciate them fully I think. Stay well friend, to write another day:)

  2. I really enjoy reading your poetry. The wordplay and images give off such an intoxicating attraction. Hmm..maybe it’s the way you combine the tangible, visible world of science and the intangibility of feelings.

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