…. just something

I feel like I have so much to say but I just don’t care…

                       “That’s the problem”

What’s left?

                        “You see no meaning or purpose in life.”

I don’t understand…

                         “You have isolated yourself.”

I feel alone. Especially around you…

                          “you have painted yourself in a corner.”

I hate you!

                          “Yes! I know………. 

There are so many rules…

                          “It’s what you want”

Why is it so hard to be happy?

                          “You have everything you need”

What do I need?

                           “Everything you have is what you need”

What do I need?

                            “Everything you are is what you need”

This is why I don’t care… the universe is too redundant.  


15 thoughts on “…. just something”

  1. Oh wow I have read this half a dozen times now and it hits me in the gut. Here’s what I get – he’s fantasizing a conversation about this woman who thinks she wants him but he thinks she’s kidding herself. He thinks if she really looked at her life she’d see she doesn’t need him. He’s bitter but ready to accept that. She’s hanging in there.
    Anyway – that’s what I read – and like I said – BAM!!!
    That means it’s brilliant poetry.

  2. Great word, inneffable, cheers to that! Love the white on black, speaks volumes…Anyway-great write! In this despair, I found some joy, and isn’t that what it’s all about for the bard?

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