you’re stuck in the repeating of the lusting of your hunger

running from the pain of the pleasure of your horror.

hypnotized in commercials repeating a mantra of depravity. 

painting women in naked kaleidoscopic comedies

of a million erroneous characteristic catastrophes.

love is the pea under your mattress your majesty. 

accept your position and march in conformity.




22 thoughts on “Women”

    1. If everyone insists they are marching to their own drum and yet all seem very much the same.. they are all just marching to the same drum. In my opinion. I see very little from anyone truly doing anything innovative in their own individual lives … everyone seems to be marching to the same tune…

  1. I do hate when woman allow themselves to be control by societal expectations, but that is a great beast to battle as it is encouraged in the workplace, as in for advancement, as well as in relationships. Not always male run, but society promotes male expectations… good post….

  2. though i think this holds true about a certain stereotype, it is not the definitive norm. There is a certain ideal set forth by the media and society, but it is not necessarily the rule. Even if it were, there are always exceptions.
    I hope you can find this woman you are searching for. 🙂

  3. I like this poem a lot and don’t take any offense to it . I understand it as describing the experience of being a woman as a medley of contradictions, some lived, some perceived, and others media-fed….

  4. powerful and true. I feel like sometimes women are running away from their own happiness trying to prove something that neither them nor the society needs to be proven.

  5. Well, 2X doesn’t equal XY but occasionally and even then, it’s imperfect, seems to me. Guys writing about women is a risk I’m too chicken to tackle, though I’m willing to complain, of course.
    I envy this degree of chutzpah, it’s beyond me… Looks like fun, too.

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