Songs to sing!

From the files of the Ineffable Mr. Jones

Songs to sing!

We danced in meadows, spring..

We were light.. Like seeds in the air

Clouds in the sky

Wishes in a heart… but WHY?!

Why does love end? Where does the definition of such things begin?

Where does the analytical, transcendental, accidental traveler of love’s arduous voyage begin and end?

Seeds in the wind.

Blowing from here to there, to nowhere.

Mostly, just into you… about you.. around you.

That was the destination of all that is true.. me and you.

You were the reason of the season

The how and the why the blooming of the flowers opened to our sighs

We were breath to the trees

An Ecstatic cacophony of ecstasy!

But why?

Why does love end?

Questions persist

Muscles need mending..

Seasons come to freeze and allow for resting.

Covered in frozen life a million original faces lying

In a frozen crowd Waiting

To melt and flood and begin again….

We were right…

We were everything.

Fields of green rolling skin

Fingers stretched dancing in the wind

Fresh buds are bursting

Through the soil lurching,

Awkward limbs of adolescence…

New birth and chance of love

In the spring of renovation…


25 thoughts on “Songs to sing!”

  1. Thanks for liking my letter to all! I love this poem as well! My next post is though not in poetic words about this kind of love: the love of our Creator in us–eternal love so far removed from the emotional romantic love that always let us down!

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