number 2

So, this time I challenged myself to write a poem based off of five words I did not choose. In a facebook post I asked for five people to give me one word each to start off my poem. The words were boobs, no, spandex, randomness and why. (horrible words) I think I did ok considering what I had to start with. I also challenged myself to write in the new style I just created a few weeks ago. It’s truly difficult to get a meaning across in so few words. Next weeks will be more intimate I believe. This poem makes me shake my head.. please enjoy. 🙂 








No more!

Like spandex

 The randomness

 Asking why?

 Like boobs


 Soul like spandex

 Experience the randomness

Children asking why

 Like boobs, as;

 Say no more!


 Experience the randomness of

 Children asking why, we

 Like boobs as much;

 Just, say no more.

 Soul like spandex, stretching


 Children asking why we die,

 Like boobs, as much as

 Just, say no more love…

 A soul like spandex stretching

 Experiencing the randomness of life


 Like boobs as much as eyes

 Just, say no more, love, breath.

 A soul like spandex stretching forever

 You, experiencing the randomness of life

Children asking why we die….lie!



17 thoughts on “number 2”

      1. I believe you! It is hard to work with just boobs and a few other words. Great idea though, hope to maybe see more of this 🙂

  1. Love the idea. gotta love your facebook friends for such mature and creative (and helpful) language. smiles. Here are five more that have been whirling in my head today: expression, value, freak, desire, decline. here’s to writing *raises her laptop

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