electric hope

The Smell of you is on my blankets in the morning..


a fresh, brisk, breeze, slightly slinks into the room.


Water in the air..

Sprinklers spray miniature rainbows floating like ideas in a tired mind.


Green bleeds from the trees against the backdrop of grey clouds

Tears fall from the melancholy clouds, depression from losing you in the night.


Ragged eyes of desperation, junkie shakes and convulsions.. My body moans in need of you.

Bloody nose and coughing fits, nicotine in patches sit, on every arm.

I try to hide my anxiousness underneath the caffeine sonic blitz

I am lost in this.


The morning with renewal brings a certain sense of peace and ease but no song performed of feathered fiends will relieve my heart of thee.

My chest explodes in agony that my arms no longer tenderly,

Caress your naked breasts.


I languidly meander through my routine,

An android dancing around electric sheep.. Questioning everything.

Where in the meaning, purpose of this time away

is the purpose, meaning of my life’s day?

Are there steps to perform for me?

 am I just a player in this play?

I don’t know my lines .. I suppose I shall just improvise.


Desire strains my heart; you are cardio for the soul.

Endurance grows amidst my constant supplication

A blinding dream I live out, of loving copulation….


What good are romantic dreams if they but raise the hope,

That truth has dashed upon the shore?

What tease is love if always here I am, within this monologue,

Of love lost and yearned for more?

How to end this longing and protruding pain that fuels my being,

But to end the search for whom I adore?

So many years I strived to be the one that understands

And brings to life all the poets lore!

Instead I am just he,

Another sailor, forlorn. 


24 thoughts on “electric hope”

  1. Just reminds me of the movie Bridges of Madison county… The physical and emotional pain a person feels from being separated from the one they love. That’s what I took away from the poem anyways.

      1. 1.It reminds me of Octavio Paz’s The Wave (favorite poem).
        2 You talk about water (i’m son of poseidon) but mostly;
        3. The following line: “Desire strains my heart; you are cardio for the soul.”

  2. “Electric Hope”
    “just a guy floating through the Universe on the breath of God”
    — awesome choice of words, IMHO 🙂

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