Tomorrow was an apple

A promise of eternity.

A smile on your cheeks

Like happiness within reach.

I dreamed of your laugh

A staple of your beauty.

I cry now when I realize

It’s not mine to keep.

Subtlety a mantra

Secrets we always lived.

Multitude of biblical sins

We tread on like skin.

Our love is not recognized

Our hearts are ignored.

We walk through the world

Like ogres and boars.

Frightful and ignorant

The naive blunder by.

While we suffer in love

In shadows happiness we buy!

The days we lived together

Were worth every moment.

To know that I knew you

Like, love in movement.

We were music

In the air…

we were above the preconceptions.

Above all assumptions.

We conquered the ignorance

Of monogamous commitment.
happiness and laughter

Lighter then air.

We walked in the clouds

Like children unaware.

Headlong into danger

We walked into flames.

We burned our own bridges

And didn’t complain.

Holding hands absorbing

The essence of you.

I walked past the walls

That stood since youth.

I knocked them down

Like Reagan in November.

Communism falling

Like Marvis Frazier.

I will not suffer

For the choices I made.

You were perfect in my mind

The sharpest blade.

The instrument of my love

And tool of perception.

You cut open my heart

Allowing saturation!

I breath like a man

Who has felt it all.

Slowing becoming

Another fool on call.

I fear not the judgment

Of the crowds gaping eyes

this is not the end

my love will not die……


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  1. truly intimate,I had tears in my eyes..I loved the innocence at the beginning the realization in the middle and the perverseness to not give up at the end you are truly a wonderful poet. (I’m such a chick 🙂 ) Comment puis-je ne pas l’aimer?

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