I am going to attempt to write a poem for everyday of this month… we shall see how that is the first one to go with the prompt that was provided.. something about birth or a new arrival … I have a hard time follow directions. 






I was born once


To starving lovers,


Ignorant dreamers


 American believers.


I was born to a world of striving and heaving.


Constant complaining


Sibling rivalry


And abundant affection,


Of a sort….




I was born once..


To a hard working poor man


A rich working poor man.


Born under the middle class ceiling


Crying for meaning.


Trying to be more then anyone, believing.


I was born once to the world


And Stamped like cattle.


Prodded  to perform


Expectd to conform


Clipped in the ear and told to listen


Slapped on the hand


When I thought of Sin’n.


I was born once to the real world


Ignored the pleas to follow rules.


I was born once and I was born a fool,


But I don’t have to die one…..



27 thoughts on “Birth”

  1. Well done! This is a cracker! Really enjoyed it. It did seemed rushed, but that’s the mitre it needed. Well done again!

      1. I’m presently doing the AtoZ Challenge. I wish ‘d combined both. Look forward to reading more of yours.

  2. Your words always leave me in awe, wishing mine flowed more readily to the page. I have also challenged myself to write a poem a day (soon to be posted somewhere) and have encouraged my students to play along with me. Thanks again for another beautiful poem.

  3. ‘Prodded to perform
    Expected to conform’

    damn thats a good line. i’ve read this a few times, out loud to myself.
    i like the way the words taste,

    if that makes sense.


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