White Sands

day 2… poem 2 … I went a little further outside the box this time.. Image

Not all poetry is beautiful!

I am not always beautiful!

Not all poetry rhymes!

I do not always make sense!

Life is more complicated than we were lead to believe as children.

Poetry is not as hard as they made it seem in school.

Poetry is art!

Art is not poetry.  

Poetry is indefinable.

Life is poetic in the way it defies expectations.

I once saw a man shoot a nail through his finger.

I kissed my first girl at an old age.

Sex is disgusting.

He smiled and pulled it out.

She didn’t really care about me.

It is so monotonous.


Poetry is lines

Of white sand

On a cold beach

Under a hot star

In the middle of winter

When snow falls in Alaska

But nothing falls on an Island…


Poetry is porn for the heart!


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