Food Bombs!!

Day 3… poem 3…. as I grow increasingly busy with work, children and life… this truly becomes more difficult… and I am only on day 3!!! Besides that.. I feel the more tired I am the more bizarre and off-kilter these poems are becoming. … anyway.. enjoy!Image

Cartoon threats

From the region of unrest.

Sadness fuels

The engines of madness.

Sympathy for the oppressed

Enemies of the opulent west

But my poor are just as poor as your hungry.


Skin.. bones.. Wrenching contractions

Thin.. Alone.. World attractions

Money fighting money

Ignorant egos

Penis envy at an epic level


End the chaos with kindness..

Drop bread like bombs from the billion dollar birds

Feed the stomach

Change the heart!Ā 


16 thoughts on “Food Bombs!!”

  1. This seems very natural and well versed. You would never think it was difficult for you to write this. It meshes so well together! I look forward to reading more of your daily poems.

      1. It’s good to see you’re still writing. NaPoWriMo is tiring and challenging. I find that staying up late and drinking helps, until the following morning šŸ™‚

  2. Well…that would help a ton…I’m following you via email. Dont you dare give up. Do you know how exciting it was to here you were in on napowrimo. If I can write with five, you can write with yours. they are all, really good, I think quirky suits you just fine. Have a great month Jones.

      1. Well…I don’t always. I write on drafts on my phone while doing laundry or cleaning..very inspiring. And when they’re napping or doing creative stuff, I sit and edit…but ya. A ton of phone writing šŸ™‚ apps have come a long way.

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