day 5.. this day is a little easier to write, I don’t have work to worry about tomorrow. I think this is a good one. It is more powerful the the last few, I am always afraid it will be read differently then I intended but that is the life of poet I suppose…. enjoy!



This is wrong!

What we did is wrong.

I don’t want to stop.

Secrets eat inside me.

This… us… it’s right, every where but where we are.


I’ve stumbled through this.


Fighting myself.

This is wrong! Or so they tell me.

I don’t want to stop.


Skin like milk, smooth and sweet


I know … I know what they say.

But this is too good.

This is what dreams are made from. This is what they write poetry about.

This anguish, this longing.. this melodious …. Passion.


Lips like feathers, soft and tender


What choice do I have?

I wait.. I linger. I become a fixture of life, witnessing yours.

Wishing .. dreaming… hoping.

But I understand because This is wrong.

We are wrong…

Yet, I can’t stop.


Eyes as wide as the moon, The Ocean sways in your gaze.


So many obstacles.

Nowhere to turn.

Distance is an enemy

Fortune so unkind.

I need to stop.

I need to walk away.


I need to walk away…


But I can’t.

Too much promise

Too much chance.



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