Loving you

Sometimes life gets in the way. Sometimes life is worth living and writing about later. Yesterday was the latter. I had a great day with my family and so a fell a day behind on my poems for everyday of this month. This is poem 6 for day 6. Poem 7 will come later tonight and that will have caught me up….. enjoy!



That’s you,

A flower in bloom

Sitting on the patio,

Burning the blues

In high heel shoes.

Kicked back smiling

Like this ain’t the reason

We were made to be alive.

I love

Loving you.


That’s you.

A dreamer, a lover

Constant supporter.

A knower of words

That know how to sooth.

You are the retardant of my burning, discontent heart.

A cold in the hottest of days

A popsicle in Tucson, in May.

I love

Loving you. 


17 thoughts on “Loving you”

  1. I love poetry! I love reading it. I love writing it! I love that it tells you everything you need to know, but it’s quick and it’s simple. You can find your own personal meaning for any and every poem, and you can find beauty in words.

    You’re a good writer, so continue writing!

  2. The poem is great. I have noticed from other of your poems that you have a talent for description.

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