This, is never easy

Well… I am earlier then normal. I may actually have more then five hours of sleep tonight. This is day 7.. poem 7. It is my attempt at humor (though not blatant) and heart ache at the same time… I like this concept of writing everyday but I don’t like posting everyday. Many of these poems are very rough and I feel need to be flushed out more but I promised myself 30 poems and I am attempting to write them all fresh everyday. It’s killing me! But I love it! ……Enjoy!



This you and me

It’s not much of anything.

I felt something more then this,

But this is vague,

And I am lonely.


I dreamed of more,

 now we are less.

I am walking alone

Still holding your promise

And it’s really heavy….


This, is so confusing.

Thought I understood,

But what do I know?

I was just a witness

Of my own capriciousness.


Looking back I saw truth;

I saw something worth remembering .

But truth is subjective…

And selective… and natural?… or

Am I mixing up my theories?


Either way, our this.

It wasn’t.

It isn’t.

It never was.

We simply played with the idea of love.

Or did love play with us?


6 thoughts on “This, is never easy”

  1. Mr. Jones, you’ve captured my essence in two seconds with your words. Love the flow and confusion.

    ~ A fan

  2. I love it… You took us right through the story. But then maybe it just felt that way to me cuz I could identify every thought along the line! Excellent writing! 😀

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