Day 8… it’s really windy here.. not good for the allergies. It makes me tired and then downing some really sleepy allergy meds, well that just makes me loopy. Some how in all this it made me feel patriotic and irritated. Which seems to go hand in hand lately when I think of my Country; however, I still love it. …Enjoy!!



I’m an American.

You don’t control me!

You control the idea of what I allow,

The resemblance of passivity.

I’m an American and I am free.

Free to think,

To be,

To own,

To speak,

To express,

To conceal,

To be private and feel,

Whatever the hell I want to feel!

To marry,

To divorce,

To cuss,

Or worse!


It may look like I don’t care.

I may seem ambivalent and aloof.

It may appear that I don’t believe in anything..


I am an American and I was born without fear.

Tread on my freedom and you will quickly hear

How loud and aggressive to my beliefs I adhere

The Constitution my compass with which I steer

I will not allow my country to disappear

Through the negligence of sycophants

Donkeys or Elephants

They all make me sick of this

But still I am here

Till the day I die,

 I am American

I salute that flag with pride. 



6 thoughts on “American”

  1. Thank you! I’m proud to be American, too and I love our country. It’s sad that our sense of patriotism is viewed by some as arrogance. Then again, if their main contact is with the rich or the politicians, I can see where that attitude might develop. I don’t like rude people either.

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