I missed a day. I have fallen behind. It’s really hard to do this at the end of a school year when you are preparing for all these tests and you are trying to rebuild your life and make something of your self and allow your kids to feel normal. … *sigh* Ok, I am done whining. I owe you all two poems. Here is one! Between coaching track, and soon to be coaching baseball, I am burnt out. Poems seem to always fall to the side but I am going to persist. I will hit this deadline. … enjoy!



I’ve been waiting,

On Tuesdays.

It feels like,

You are operating.

A funny bone

A bone

I have been waiting,





Hit her,

Love her,

Hate her,





it scared her.

It’s stuck in my heart

This joke, this funny bone,

This love,

this joke,

this clown,

this memory,

this choking,

this … this universal, peaceful, purposeful, eternal, eventual ending.


Damn it!

This is what I have been waiting for

This is what I wanted but fear..


It’s a joke,

She’s a joke,

I’m a joke,

Because we see past the punch line

Where I leave her.

Believe her,

Be alive girl.

Live it.

Out live it!

Survive past your own destruction.


I lick,

I love but  feel sick.

I leave,

Believe, that truth can be so much more then anything you can see

Don’t walk way from all these dreams

Because you feel it won’t succeed.


It’s a joke how much we want to rip apart out chests to bleed

Let me see

Open up your self to me

I want to walk in.

I want to see!


12 thoughts on “JOKE”

      1. wow–it goes everywhere–and yet comes back to the core always. Just a journey of a poem, with lots of bits woven together in an unlikely but mesmerizing mosaic. 🙂

  1. Very inspiring and uplifting thoughts beautifully expressed. I loved the line”believe, that truth can be so much more than anything you can see”. Thanks for sharing a lovely post with us. It was pleasure reading.

  2. That was an enjoyable outpouring – an SOC almost and the format leant itself to that. Tumbling. Very nice.

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