so I feel horribly behind on my 30 day challenge.. frankly, I failed. I will not stop trying for the rest of the month but life became a little much. I am coach for a track team at my school.. coach for my son’s baseball team and trying to maintain my classroom as my first year as a teacher… oh, and still foster a healthy relationship and raise my two boys… I am tired. so here is my latest poem.. it very much mirrors my state of mind right now… a little all over the place…..ENJOY!




I’m dragging …





Waves, splashing, foaming.

Current.. pulling…


I’m dragging..

A magnet of shit…


I have raw lips… kissing you is not doing the trick.


I’m dragging…


As life goes on, I am Griswald’s dog tied to a destiny.


Snow flake tears are redundant


Diamonds are beautiful if you are patient…


Coal is the ancestor of beauty.


Words only mean what you want them to.

Poetry is losing….

Thought is losing…


Poetry is coal…


We are burning it… 


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