I could not write for the longest time.. I don’t understand it sometimes.. and I am sure when I write something like this most people are just shaking their heads but there is something in it.. there is something personal that has been bothering me. I just don’t know how to express it any other way. Enjoy!



Morals.. sins
















Into my heart.

We define our selves through independence.


Truth is deception if it’s not accepted

Absolutes are necessary to understand meaning.

Chaos is the mind of man.. constant waves of conflict

Eternal universes colliding in the infinite space of God’s urinal.

You are the speck not washed away

Chance that you may stay. To cling to life … to observe.. the intimate excretion of ethereal excrement. 


6 thoughts on “Chaos”

  1. My only quibble with this is the last line is a bit redundant with excretion and excrement. If you are looking for alliteration or words starting with e, why not effluvium?

    the intimate excretion of ethereal effluvium

  2. I have the same problem sometimes. For a while I was posting three pieces a week, then everything just shut off for almost two months. Plus, I was unemployed at the time so I had all kinds of time to write, but nothing came. I agree with you – it’s not necessarily writer’s block, I think there is something in the core of one’s self that is an underlying force that we don’t recognize at the time.

    Word on!

  3. I know what you mean about writing and not being able to write. I know what you mean when you say you can’t express it any other way. Thank you for sharing. Let them shake their heads… keep writing and let the words help you find your way. Have a wonderful day!

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