No meaning here…

This one just came out… not sure where it came from. Enjoy!


Pulsing room in blackness, bruised

Mind is fighting self, abused.

Where do I exist?


I am eternity!

Billion pieces of futility.

No continuity.

Just floating through this ….



I’m Seeking out my purpose still.

Trying to get by with out a pill.

No choice seems to lead me any closer.


Sadness reeks inside my heart.

The rotten stench of broken hope.

There is, no pattern here!


The desires that you left behind,

The ones you thought were not refined.

They still haunt your pretty little mind.


No definition for your question

No absolution for your sins.

You are alone in side your head

Just let it go.


So many needs you can not meet

So many people want what you need

So many screaming for you, to do what they please.


The compulsion is to give self away

Taught to share because then you care

If you don’t you must not give a shit!


There is no pattern here…


I’m searching for a meaning here!!


Don’t disturb me.. even if this is disturbing you.


She cut herself to know she was alive..

I wanted to know her…


There is no definition to this question

There is no absolute no definitive…

There is simply the now

And that philosophy is boring.


I see hurt and feel it too

I scream because I want truth.

I’m tired of this constant bickering of voices

So many voices…

Don’t be disturbed because there is no meaning here.


I am looking for my purpose…



It’s building …

We are’s … we.. we’s … we ..

we are rebuilding from within.

A dynasty is growing.. stuttering.. faltering..and!

 futility … and!

Futility… and it’s every other day

It’s every other year

It’s every four years

Recycle the change..

We’re fighting for a rerun.

I don’t know ..I don’t.. I don’t know what.. I don’t want ..

I don’t know what I’m fighting for..


Just looking for a purpose.. trying to make a meaning.

Trying to live a life worth looking back on. 



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