I can’t feel anything…

I’ve gone numb.

Leprosy of the soul.. I am crying but I don’t know why

I miss something but I don’t know what.

It’s building and growing.

It hurts more each day

But I don’t understand why.

It’s a longing

A desire for something or someone

It’s a reason or a purpose beyond what I do

It’s something with in me

Beyond what I can see

It’s in the ethereal amongst the stars

It’s in space beyond mars

It’s something more then all this

More then our days

I am longing for reason

Longing for completeness

Longing to be whole in the universe.

There is no comfort here.

There is nothing that I can achieve to fulfill this feeling.

I am searching for something that does not exist.

I can not grasp an ideal

I can not hold on to a dream

I can not hold love or meaning or understanding..

I am searching for something that others seem to hold

But I am not satisfied with…..

I am crying.. because it hurts.. it hurts my brain.. it hurts my body…

Knowing there is no answer to quench my thirst…….


15 thoughts on “venting”

      1. I like this poem because of the visuals you have put into it, for example the line – the space beyond mars, now that’s a visual…similarly leprosy of the soul, and the energy that you have incorporated in the poem is pretty deep too. 🙂

      1. I guess we’re just cruising the same boat 🙂 I wish so too because you deserve it. I would like to reblog your works. I feel like it could use more exposure to my skeptical audiences hahaha 🙂

        I could sit here all day, drinking tea and reading your works.

  1. Love the poem… the feelings of pain and desperation sound familiar in that I’ve heard others say similar or have similar feelings… I truly hope you feel better soon. I know you most likely hate people who try to tell you that life continues on… of course it does, but the hurting is part of life. Without the pain, there would be no joy… balance. (Just my nutty opinion) 😀 Great poetry!

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