Old Souls

It’s been a while again.. Like an old lover I can’t stop coming back and yet also like that lover I need a long periods of time in between encounters. So much has been building inside of me that this poem expresses. A frustration with life… it’s over arching purpose is always a canker sore on my mind. I can’t seem to come to grips with the futility of it all sometimes… especially after watching three hours of tv and seeming to be ok with that as an activity. Anyway… I hope you like the poem.. Enjoy!!




It’s redundant this rhythm, this purpose,

This prose.

It’s repetitive and boring, makes me

Feel alone.

An emptiness observant in only those

Old souls.

Who look past the veneer  to Reveal

 the whole!


I am sighing and dying in every last breath.

Revealing the weakness of this fools last gasps!

There’s nothing new to make beautiful

It’s all old under the sun.

I am repeating the words of dead men

Of the dirt.

Newton’s law persists that I am only recycled.

My ideas are extensions from millions of cycles

Of time that repeated the same old drama Of men,

 searching for reason In chaos then dying

With no more understanding of truth, love and the ending.

The perpetual disaster, Our pending doom.

The eternal fraternal evolutional flume,

That cascades with our sins in a cacophony of howls!

Like children on sleds down ice screaming fowl

We are all heading straight for the emptiness

The void

The separation of these molecules into another form of life!!!


7 thoughts on “Old Souls”

      1. I’d have to say the various religions all share the same basic principles. All I can do is the best I can within those guidelines, and hope that’s enough.

  1. My first impression was – better get back on the SSRIs – but seriously – You are addressing an eternal puzzle and communicating the frustration and despair so very well.
    Of course we won’t know the answer (if ever) untl it’s too late to change course. But what if the answer is that every moment is an end and an answer in itself? And that yes, people have been smelling roses forever BUT when you’re in the garden sniffing the new bloom – it’s the FIRST time that flower has been appreciated by you.
    Am I making any sense? I think that looking for meaning in the here and now is what makes Zen so interesting.

  2. “Like children on sleds down ice screaming fowl
    We are all heading straight for the emptiness
    The void
    The separation of these molecules into another form of life!!!”
    ..well..I am hoping I live in the heart of God…the we all do! \.and it isn’t “void” when I die…but that we return to the Love of God—I don’t know—but I am hoping…do you think all this suffering can be for nothing? Too much suffering on this earth…who knows? But I have to live in hope…it is all I have…

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