State of Things

This one has been building with in me for a while now. It’s nice to be able to verbalize it in my own way. Hope you enjoy!



Is this the state of things?

Is this truly what it has come to?

All that we’ve felt..

All that we have gone through!


Is this the state of things?

Your anchor has returned

so the pillar must crumble.

Is your assumption to be sent back reeling?


Is this the state of things?

Desperation in loneliness

Oneness, nothingness…

Is this the state of me?


Is this the state of things?

Molecular degeneration of the spiritual anomaly,


Weakening of fortitude,

Jericho falling,

Leprosy of the mind,

Ideals swelling.


Is this the state of things?

Ambivalence laughing like a lunatic in the

Deepest depths of your sub conscience.

Reality revealing it’s self through your pragmatic philosophy, political persuasion, sexual selection, religious reverence, naïve neglect to protect your own understanding of the state of things.  


Is this the state of things?!


Is this the truth?

Hearts beating wildly

 skin pressed melting

Lives over lapping

in a knot…


Is this the state of things?

Our moments now fleeting..

Is this the truth we see

Or just more imagery,



Everything but reality…


Is this the state of things?

Everyday back to perfect symmetry.

Friday and Saturday,

No different from any other day.

Everyday cosplay,

hiding in duality,

Hiding from identity…

Can truth be an invisible referee?

To witness but not call foul, the misdirection of our affection.

Can we go forward and pretend that no penalty was committed?

That our actions have not afflicted.

How many lies everyday were perpetrated

To console the hearts of two insistent

On pleasing their own penchant

Toward destruction?


Is this the state of things?

Has this been the state of “us” since the beginning?

Have we hid from everyone and even ourselves?

So much so, that we cannot define the state of things?


9 thoughts on “State of Things”

  1. you’re going on far too long without planting anything concrete or following through with one strong metaphor.
    no one truly says “the state of things”. no one that is interesting.
    After 4 stanzas you should have painted a clear image or explained one noun.
    there are more words than you know what to do with, so I can’t tell if you deserve credit for the few nice compositions within this ambivalent epic

      1. It’s like you’re buying self-pitying Mars bars and paying for them with $20 notes. by the end of the poem you’ve got a fuck load of Mars bars and loose change.
        you wouldn’t deserve credit because of the law of chance

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