never really got the attention I felt it should… so, just throwing it out there again.


so I feel horribly behind on my 30 day challenge.. frankly, I failed. I will not stop trying for the rest of the month but life became a little much. I am coach for a track team at my school.. coach for my son’s baseball team and trying to maintain my classroom as my first year as a teacher… oh, and still foster a healthy relationship and raise my two boys… I am tired. so here is my latest poem.. it very much mirrors my state of mind right now… a little all over the place…..ENJOY!




I’m dragging …





Waves, splashing, foaming.

Current.. pulling…


I’m dragging..

A magnet of shit…


I have raw lips… kissing you is not doing the trick.


I’m dragging…


As life goes on, I am Griswald’s dog tied to a destiny.


Snow flake tears are…

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