sort of a continuation of my last poem, or at least a continuation of the emotions from the last poem. Trying to deal with a situation and the only way I seem to be able to is put it into words but even then there are remnants left behind.. which simply means there is going to be more and more of these until I spew it all out I suppose. anyway…. Enjoy!



There’s a volcano in my chest, near my heart


I feel hot


Thinking of the things we’ve done.

They’re embarrassing,

But they were fun.

I enjoyed them even though we shouldn’t have.

We shouldn’t have done them


There’s a volcano stirring in my chest..

Emotions and thoughts..

Lava disrupted by the fear of loss

Love… melting…

There is something more then words can bring to life forming within me!!


I’m not living or dying..


I’m burning



I’m losing you, the idea of you

The taste and smell of you….

And I can!

Even if you are not mine. Even if you never really were..

Even if you are branded by an institution

I am still losing you!

Because I don’t believe in the propriety of individuals

You sell yourself to who you please when you please

Because we are not just a democracy

But a capitalist enterprise

On a mission to discover new worlds

And think and act in new ways

I am losing you… and I can!!


There is something growing in me..

Not entirely sure it’s a good thing.


There is something more then words can bring to life forming within me!!


I built it up and tore it down,

All my aspirations.

All my learning undiscovered

In search of lustful longing…

To this I cry, life I’m yearning

Lost within my own contorting

 Melodious harmony

my lies must be forming

I see Flocks of swans gather,

 It’s most disconcerting…

 There is something more then words can bring to life forming within me!!


I’m racked with fear of loneliness…

You were an honest friend.

Your smile more then mended pains

It built strength within.

Laughing, Life again plays a prank,

Friend or lover I simply can not make.

My term is up the beast is moaning

I shall give birth to guilt and mourning


There is something more then words can bring to life forming within me!! 


16 thoughts on “Volcano”

  1. I like this piece very much, there is no rule of thumb for poetry as far as I’m concerned, being the unconventional poet that I am. Breaking with convention is good if you get to express how you truly feel. Great stuff, keeping writing!

      1. I liked that it was full of emotion, and that you weren’t too particular about grammatical structuring, or following poetic convention, as I believe all poetry should be. I’ve been penning poetry most of my life, and still refuse to follow convention or grammatical correctness as much as possible. For me conveying the emotion behind the piece is precisely what it’s about, and why people like what you do. I think you did that very well with this piece.

  2. I did enjoy the volcano metaphor part of it. The rest was pretty good too, but I would love if there were more volcano in it somehow…maybe less about flocks of swans. Does that make sense? Overall it’s a pretty decent poem.

    1. yes, I admit this poem needs editing. It was rushed for some reason I finished it quickly threw it down in a few minutes and decided it was ready to post… in the end it clearly wasn’t. It’s raw.. it’s real but it needs to be refined for sure. Thanks for the feedback

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