What draws one heart closer to another

And draws other hearts away?

What laws of physics or universal unknown

makes the rules of attraction so?

This moment that is now

Which is then, was something more than

When… when we saw past the familiar.

This moment that is coming…

We have been waiting for it, felt it since the moment we looked…

What makes anything more than something else?

Can emotions be quantified or explained?

Is Poetry mathematics to the emotionally inclined?

Is there really any point to these lines?

There are rules. They are there for a reason.

Yet constantly my heart leads me in obstinate defiance of them.

Who enforces the rules? Do they feel these emotions?

Does the enforcer of altruism understand selfishness?

The need to be fulfilled. The need to be understood.

The need to be needed.

I have no truth but seek it still. All these years of rhyming words.

Of placing words in order feigning wisdom

Simply getting older.

I can recant the mistakes of my youth,

I can recite my heroic accomplishments.

Yet Wisdom alludes me; therefore,

I shall repeat it all…. Again.


8 thoughts on “Chasing”

  1. your post came at the perfect time for me … thank you for writing, thank you for struggling, thank you for your integrity …

  2. I like this, reminds me of the time in my life when I asked myself what love is. You put it in a flow, and every word I read made it all come together nicely. I am glad I came by your blog again. 🙂

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