The need to want to…
The want to need…

Time steps on my neck,
A bully with eternal weight.

Thoughts are ethereal in the confines of loneliness.

Words are constructs, fences for the imaginative.
There must be a translation for perspectives.
Like Analog to Digital.

Generations seem defined by their accomplishment.
Mine, is lack thereof…

The want to be…
The acknowledgment of need…

The need to be understood.
The want of meaning.
What word means both, a want and a need?

Words make living harder to achieve.


5 thoughts on “Definitions”

  1. This is so lovely. The translation for perspectives is perhaps love….. When my Australian husband and my American self were married many years ago we had our first “disagreement” on my
    use of the word need as in “I need a new dress”. He said “a need is something you HAVE TO have to live, like air or food or water.” We looked up need in the Oxford dictionary and sure enough that is how need was defined. However, when we looked need up in the Webster’s dictionary there it was in black and white as part of the definition: a want or strong desire. We have forever defined need in our household as either a Webster’s need or an Oxford need. Again, thank you for this lovely poem and the memory it brought to my heart. xo

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