I don’t remember what day it is… please help me keep track I really want to fulfill this 30 poems in 30 days.. just to prove to myself I can. And I suppose to prove to everyone out there reading that I can.



I just want to sleep..

There is no poetry in this

The departure of desire

The emptiness of me…

I just want to slip into that momentary



But I’m too old to consume the dreams as I once did

I’m a husk, a shell, a gift shop trinket; I’m Tupperware without a lid

The body is frail and fails to fully function the way it once did

Just the pomp, not the promise, not the meal, just leftovers in the fridge.

I can’t seem to muster the energy to be anything more then a bridge

Between memories and wasted ideas, which plague my mind like sin…


I just want to sleep

A vacation from the realization I’m not fulfilling purpose

A rest from the anxiety of disappointment

A siesta from the eyes and prying thoughts of all those that don’t truly understand

The madness of a mind that never sleeps…


23 thoughts on “Sleep!!”

  1. Keep going my friend! There is something very powerful about making a commitment to your SELF. I was led to blog daily( ) about my experience of extending love to my epic fears and it utterly change my experience of my own life. You are worth your commitment to yourself. xo

      1. I wrote daily from April 1-2014-April 1 2015 (in my blog you can see month 1, 2, 3 etc). I now post once or twice a week. I didn’t set out to blog daily but very quickly that became part of my extending love practice.

      2. I’m in awe..I struggle with this month ..creatively and habitually. I don’t like recycling ideas so I would rather not write then write the same thing twice

      3. Thank you! Let your heart speak, there is infinite creativity and thoughtfulness there. An idea can be revisited in oh so many ways. You have a gift for expressing the heavier emotions. It is helpful to all to experience these in the way you share. Keep going. I delight in reading the words of your heart.

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