I know I have fallen far behind. I start poems and really like them and I know where I want it to go but I always worry that no one else will quite understand what I am trying to say and then I begin to fight with myself on whether or not I should post it..


Split like atoms

Smiling, frowning.

Peace like a flower

Insects marauding

Take what you need

And never apologize

Where’d we change?

Becoming so civilized.


Is there consent

Between flowers and bees?

Animal instincts and proprietary

Acceptance of the necessary

To mend a broken psyche.

Disorders, of, the personality!


Split like atoms

Silently exploding

Voices in the head

Quite, yet shouting

Contradictions abound

This is appalling!

So many ways to lose yourself..


Split like atoms

Tirelessly loathing

Chest wide open

Heart imploding.

Serenely anxious

Polarity forcing

Everything apart

.. nothing is making sense anymore.


9 thoughts on “Split”

  1. Quite nice work. Never think weather the public would like what you do. Just do it! Artists are a different breed, we live to do art and no-one can change that.

  2. If you know what you want to say, just say it. I often start with an idea but don’t know exactly where it’s going, it’s in the lap of the gods!
    I think it’s always the case that some words will speak to some but not too others.
    If you don’t post it nobody will get the chance to think about your ideas.
    I think often whatever we write, whatever we intend the reader might well interpreted it differently…but we have started a chain reaction…Maybe more split atoms or maybe attracted atoms. Liked it keep writing.

  3. Please DO post your poems, do. ..I think all this is a bit like publishing vunerability and intimacy of diary – but who else should be brave enough to express vunerability and REAL feelings than poets and artists?…

  4. Writing is cathartic, helps us wade through the morass of our own reasoning. No one will ever understand our writings to the degree we do and It may not always resonate with all, but if only a few who need the connection, its worth it . This one definitely resonates with me. So glad you took that leap of faith and shared.

    Split like atoms
    Silently exploding
    Voices in the head
    Quite, yet shouting
    Contradictions abound
    This is appalling!
    So many ways to lose yourself..

    Ain’t it just so. Hope you find stable ground. Sometimes we have to tell the voices what to say! Blessings. : )

  5. Dear friend

    We are all unique in this world and each of us has something special what noone else has – your own way of living, your fingerprint of your character and mind, your special heart – in this uniqueness there lies the beauty. A flower in the nature expresses its beauty with it petals blooming, coming forward in the garden of the creation. So no worry – just be that flower – show your petals and your beauty will be shared…

    All the best

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