Day 17

No picture, no time. Just a quick
thought and posting on my phone…enjoy

We are all so lonely together
  Surrounded by enclosed hearts
     All beating for affection
       Vying for recognition of existence.
         If a man achieves perfection alone,
            Did he ever truly exist?


9 thoughts on “Day 17”

  1. Your quick thoughts pose a very significant question. So if we feel alone or alienated, i’s because we have forgotten our humanity, that we need each other? Would be interested to know more of your thoughts. Best. Chevvy.

    1. I believe we need each other to remind us of who we are and that we can not achieve anything without the help of others. And then of course the question… what is the point of achieving? Is it for recognition, to prove something? Is it selfish as Rand would say… or is it altruistic? Just things that pop into my head

      1. Thank you – yes you did answer my question. I’m always amazed that even when you are surrounded with people or have people you are closed to, you can still feel alone.So my thinking is when people do find each other, it might be for the wrong reasons or they may not find that deeper connection they’re seeking. Perhaps fear also has a lot to do with it as well……

      2. I think we need to achieve, to be, to make ourselves complete, our happiness comes from within. I think we need others to walk with us to deepen our experience in life, to share companionship .

  2. I love your on-the-run poems! You are doing such a great job in your commitment of 30 days! Keep going, I’m just loving it. xo

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