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I am a human being that writes to express what Ā I see. I try to make it beautiful and I try to make it real but sometimes it’s not because words are not as beautiful as reality. My words are better heard then read…. but whatever!


108 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. but words are so often more beautiful than the perceived reality which isn’t reality at al but an insane melodrama ….words are so much more beautiful than that…so that they can draw the ordinary into the extraordinary and make us gasp for more

  2. sometimes, reading words can make you feel things you couldn’t if the feelings weren’t so eloquently put together as are yours.

  3. Nice explanation about who you are, without giving anything away;) Just like poetry, showing pieces off your heart, without really showing it.

  4. Thanks for ‘liking’ Regressive Tax. I don’t consider myself a poet per se — my feet aren’t long enough! This 30 day challenge for National Poetry Month is the incentive — and I’m trying to prove to myself that I can see it through, however painful! ‘Druther write a short story!

  5. Thanks for your recent visits. Enjoying, slowly reading through your site. (From above – eggroll, I know; blogroll, I must learn about.) Still new to blogging….

  6. Greetings, thank you for the like. It caused me to come here and read your poetry, which I enjoy very much. If I may ask, what kind of process do you go through when writing? Or do you not have a process at all? I look forward to reading more of your work in future.

    1. uh… yeah. no process. It is a very cathartic experience for me.. If I don’t write I turn into a gremlin… sorry… well I suppose I may explode it on to paper then edit it a year later when I find the napkin again… šŸ™‚

  7. Hey Mr. Jones:
    Do appreciate the visit – thanks for the thumbs up!

    As far as process – I consider it an “unburdening”. If I don’t get it out, it just weighs me down.

    I used to adhere to Kerouac’s belief that the first words are the holiest of words. Now I save and revisit – sometimes it changes, sometimes it doesn’t. Quite a revelation when it does…

    Keep on putting the words down!

    – Jeff

  8. The beauty of well-written work is that, over time, the voice becomes ‘hearable’–the cadences and tones and rhythms become familiar enough that it’s a little like we can see and hear you in person just by reading you!

  9. I live for words. I want to write better all the time, but I often realize that people too much see what they want to see, even in the words they read. Still, I will try. You do well; thanks for the visit to my blog.

  10. I love to write. I try to write better each time I touch the computer or pick up a pen. But, I have learned that, too often, people see what they want to see, even in the words they read. Still, I will keep trying; you write well; thanks for the visit to my blog.

      1. lol, nope you’re safe lol. it’s just i know it’s ridiculous to think we might be related on the count of billions of people share Jones as a name sooo… i just wanted to be sure.

      2. lol, well just be careful, remember, don’t take candy from strangers, even cyber candy….and don’t eat the yellow snow..it’s not lemon flavoured

  11. Poetry is such an intense writing experience, reading it as well as writing it. Vivid imagery and strong emotional impact. So few words do so much. I’m not brave enough to write it. Glad you are.

  12. THANKS for visiting my “pun-ny” photoblog and leaving a “like.” I just had to leave a like on your “About” page because the one paragraph about you merited it, AND because I couldn’t believe that only one of the other 42 responders left a “like.”

    –John R.: http://TheDailyGraff.com

  13. Your talent is incredibly awesome and thanks for stopping by my blog and reading/liking my recent post. Hope you’ll stop by The Kat House often, I’m following you for an inspirational guide.

  14. Thanks for liking my post and reading some of work. I’m digging your blog theme. Never stop writing…

      1. it must be you šŸ™‚ I have never ventured to her blog šŸ™‚ anyways…carry on. Awesome blog and I look forward to reading more

  15. Hi!
    Thanks for stopping by. Just managed to browse through a few of your latest works which made for enchanting reads. It appears I have some catching up to do so read on I shall.

  16. Thank You, Mr. Jones, for being the first to like my newly-created little blog. Your prompt interest warmed the cockles of my heart, and the fact that you are a poet cheered up my arteries. I’ve started reading your blog as well, best regards!

  17. Your insights are interesting and unique. I always admire people who think outside of the box. I look forward to reading more. I, also, wanted to thank you for liking my “Highland Christmas”.

  18. Thanks for visiting my blog. Stop by again anytime. Love to hear what you think as well if you have time to comment. I love your “about” page. It is true I would rather have a face to face conversation then type an email, text or even snail mail to someone. Thanks for the reminder.

  19. Glad you liked my post on “Randa Lane…” We are currently running a series on haiku and how to write them. Would be thrilled if you drop in. Will be exploring your poetry more in the days to come. Thanks again for the “like.”

      1. I’m the world’s worst blogger since I am failing immediacy … but to answer your question, I found your blog while browsing for the meaning of the word “ineffable” … I love your poetry so much and am so grateful I found it …

  20. Thanks for visiting my blog. Love your words. Reminded me of something I read once: ‘You write so beautifully. The inside of your mind must be a terrible place.”

  21. Thanks for visiting my blog and liking a post. I’ve read a few of your pieces and liked them – especially No Pretense. I thought it was very evocative. I’m looking forward to what you write in 2014.

  22. Some peotry is better heard than read. I have discovered the spoken word poetry somewhat recently.

    I tried out doing a couple on sound cloud. They are somewhere in my archives, in Annie’poetry. I might have reblogged them on gentlekindness gentle mental annie.

    The two I did that way were Thief and Noisy clock.

    Have you done any spoken word using SoundCloud. It is a good way to do it, if you are not in the mood to put your face on video for YouTube.

    I might try to do video for YouTube of a couple of mine as spoken word.

    Your poetry is definitely condusive to spoken word. I love your free formats. You are a heartfelt, truthful poet. I am still enjoying reading through them .


    1. I’ve considered it… I have attended a few poetry readings and I feel a little odd there. My pieces don’t have the same cadence that most spoken word does…I feel like the odd man out per usual

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